Awarded shows

The shows, which were awarded by our sponsor XpanD, during the ISU 2013 Congress, are listed on the following page:

Due to smaller glitch in the programme for scoring calculation, there are some minor changes in awarded shows. We are apologizing for any inconvenience caused by this.

We would like to thank again the audience for evaluation of the shows.

Lost glasses

Four pairs of glasses have been lost at Congress dinner (people were probably searching for the food 🙂 ). If you’ve lost your glasses, let us know to send them back to you. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

If you are still in Ljubljana, call us.

Otherwise, send an e-mail displayed in the message below.

Getting there

Some useful information for participants have been added to the page “Getting There”:

The most important are:
– try to avoid taxi from Ljubljana airport (prohibitively expensive – at least ask for the price before!). Rather use bus or shuttle.
– if coming by car, don’t forget to buy a sticker (weekly) for Slovene highways.
– you cannot drive to Copova or Nazorjeva street. It’s pedestrian zone.
– don’t miss the following map (click to enlarge):


Congress programme

There are few changes on the Congress programme:

in order to enable all the participants (including ISU Counclim members) to attend all the trips available during the Congress.

ISU Club & Country representatives meeting is now on Saturday, 24.8. at 8:00

ISU Council meeting is now on Saturday, 24.8. at 9:30

Meeting of outgoing Board of Directors is on Thursday, 22.08 at 12:30 (Hotel Slon)

Meeting of new Board of Directors is on Saturday, 24.08 at 20:30 (Hotel Slon)

If you want to book some additional trips, please, contact Petra: