Useful information about Slovenia
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Local time

Local time is Central European Time (GMT+1, summertime: GMT+2) – the time zone is the same as for Berlin


Electric sockets are 230 V and take 2 round pin plugs. For the electricity use europlug or schuko with 220V and 50Hz.


The official national currency in Slovenia is Euro


The official language of Slovenia is Slovenian, but most Slovenians (especially the younger generation) also speak English and, in certain regions, German or Italian.

Phones, Mobiles

Public phones operate on magnetic cards that are sold at post offices and other stores. International outgoing call prefix is ’00’. Incoming prefix is ‘386’ for Slovenia and ‘1’ for Ljubljana. Please add a ‘0’ when making an intra-Slovenian call (for Ljubljana, for example, dial 01 xxx yyyy). Making a telephone call from a Post Office or a Hotel is possible, but substantially more expensive.

GSM and UMTS (3G) networks are available by two service providers: Mobitel and SiMobil

Important Numbers

  • 113 – police
  • 112 – fire dept., ambulance


Average daytime temperatures in July range from 15 to 27 degrees Celsius (59-81 degrees Farenheit). For daily forecast please see here


You can drink water from the tap everywhere in Slovenia.


Slovenia belongs to the safest countries in the world, with very low crime rates. The police advise not to leave any valuables visible in the car. Bag filching happens very seldom.

Always settle the price for a taxi ride in advance, as taxi drivers sometimes overcharge.

Any public transfer is absolutely safe.

HealthCare for Foreign Visitors

The level of health care in Slovenia corresponds to European standards. Every city has a major health care where clinics operate from 7am to 7pm. On-duty health services are also organized as well as home visits by doctors.

Over-the-counter and prescription medicines are sold in pharmacies. Pharmacies are open from 7am to 7pm, and for urgent needs certain pharmacies are open at night.

Every foreign visitor has a right to emergency medical care. Slovenia has signed conventions on free emergency medical care with several countries (check with your health authorities and ask for the appropriate bilingual form). In this case the patient is entitled to free emergency medical help. Other services must be paid in cash, and a receipt will be given on the basis of which the patient may apply for a refund in his own country.

Citizens from countries with whom no convention has been signed are also guaranteed emergency medical care; however, they must bear the costs of such services themselves.

Tourist Information

For more information onSlovenia please visit:

or contact Tourist Information Centre which is located just across the Triple Bridge from the main venue:

TIC Ljubljana Tourist Information Centre Slovenia
Stritarjeva ulica 6

Phone: +386 (0)1 306 12 15
Fax: +386 (0)1 306 12 04

The Official Travel Guide by Slovenian Tourist Board:

Map (from Wikipedia) with Congress trips (click for larger picture):