Web link for the Congress registration and hotel & trips booking is here (please read below about hotel prices first):

If you prefer written registration form, you can get it HERE. Note that ISU Congress Dinner on Monday (August, 26) is, by mistake, omitted from the written registration form. You should contact Petra () if you wish to book the dinner. Dinner price is 50 EUR per person and includes the dinner on Ljubljana Castle, drinks and funicular tickets.

Note that after making the booking you cannot make changes on the web form. However, you can always send request for changes (e.g. additional hotel/trip reservation or cancelling) by contacting Petra via the following e-mail: .

On Booking forms, the actual prices (the prices you will actually pay) for Hotel Slon are the new ones (lower): economy 1 person = 90 €, comfort 1 person = 105 €, comfort 2 persons = 120 €.

All the questions about registration/hotels/trips including accompanied persons and individual trips can be sent to .

Note that “daily arrangement” includes registration to the congress and coffee breaks. Trade tables can be booked with or without registration to the congress (and daily arrangements).

Registration cancellation policy: 15 EUR cancellation fee; the rest will be sent back to your account.

Excursions cancellation policy: All the money will be refund.

Accommodation cancellation policy: The first night will be charged if cancelled less than 48 hours before arrival.

Preview of some registration pages are shown below (again note that the actual hotel prices are lower):