Trade tables

There will be trade tables available on Saturday and Sunday.

Dimension of the trade tables are approx. 200cm x 50cm each.

The participants who registered trade tables are warned that the traffic along the Copova, Nazorjeva and Wolfova street is closed for vehicles. The participants will have to bring their equipment from the nearest possible location (e.g. Parking house at Congress square).

However, the organizers of the Congress have reserved a lorry with a special permission to enter Copova street on Saturday 24th in the morning. The Trade table participants are therefore offered to bring their (heavy) equipment to the parking place of Interspar shopping Centre at Jamova 105, Ljubljana on August 24th at 6:30 AM (see picture below) where they can transfer their equipment into the lorry.

For further information, please, contact Milan Korbar.

Click on the picture for larger view: