Technical review

In the last few days, our technical team has sent the authors technical report about their shows (whether they comply with the guidelines – positive parallax, overall depth, vertical or synch errors).

The authors who did not receive any message about their shows should IMMEDIATELY contact our tech team:

Useful Android & iPhone Apps

Useful apps for participants having Android phones*:

Ljubljana Guide:

Ljubljana Traveller Guide:

Ljubljana local’s tips:

Ljubljana Map and Walks:

Ljubljana Bikes:

Ljubljana Airport:

Ljubljana Taxi (in Slovene, but there are telephone numbers):

Slovenia Guide by Triposo:


For iPhone users*:

Bicikelj Ljubljana:

Ljubljana Airport 1.0:

Ljubljana Map and Walks:

LPP bus Ljubljana public transit 1.8.1:

Slovenia Travelpedia 5.0 (not sure if this is free app):

Some more apps:

* Please, check if applications require data transfer. Note that you can use one hour per day free internet (cumulatively) by connecting to WiFreeLjubljana (


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Bike rental

In Ljubljana there exists rent a bike system (called Bicikelj) which costs only 1 EUR for a week. This price holds if each bike renting takes up to 1 hour (additional hours are charged extra). There are several bike-stands near the congress venue so it might be useful for some participants.

More information can be get here:

Free WiFi in the centre of Ljubljana

Broader area around the Congress venue is covered by free WiFi (called WiFreeLjubljana). The WiFi is free for 1 hour per day (cummulative), while some web pages (e.g.,,, or are available 24 hours per day. More information about free WiFi can be get here:

Detailed instructions are on the following page: