Program systems and control

Principal investigator:

Prof. Dr. Đani Juričić


January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2020


ARRS - Slovenian Research Agency


The aim of this program is to build new knowledge and expertise needed for comprehensive treatment of the entire control systems engineering life cycle. By systematically conveying research results into the usable technologies the group will keep playing notable role in bridging the gap known as the “valley of death”. The research program is aimed to support this vision through the synergy between methodological research, development of prototypes, tools and building blocks, and applied research in the areas recognized as priority in Slovenia and EU. Focus will be on novel methods and tools for raising the quality of control systems performance, life span, reliability and safety as well as design efficiency.

The work will be organised across the closely inter-related clusters of three R&D tracks:

  • Area 1: Methodologies for control system design

    1.1. Modelling of complex nonlinear dynamic systems

    1.2. Advanced nonlinear process control

    1.3. Condition monitoring, prognostics and health management

  • Area 2: Tools and building blocks for control system engineering

    2.1. Tools and methodologies for control system software design

    2.2. Special HW modules for embedded systems

  • Area 3: Application to priority areas

    3.1. Advanced control of tokamak reactor ITER

    3.2. Fuel cells

    3.3. Batteries

    3.4. Advanced production control: towards smart factories

    3.5. Biological processes, water, energy

    3.6. Energy efficient buildings