Modelling and Control of Dynamic Systems Using Gaussian Process Models

Book description

The book entitled Modelling and Control of Dynamic Systems Using Gaussian Process Models, authored by our Department member Prof. Dr. Juš Kocijan, has appeared in the Springer series "Advances in Industrial Control".

This monograph opens up new horizons for engineers and researchers in academia and in industry dealing with or interested in new developments in the field of system identification and control. It emphasizes guidelines for working solutions and practical advice for their implementation rather than the theoretical background of Gaussian process (GP) models. The book demonstrates the potential of this recent development in probabilistic machine-learning methods and gives the reader an intuitive understanding of the topic. The current state of the art is treated along with possible future directions for research.


  • Explains how theoretical work in Gaussian process models can be applied in the control of real industrial systems
  • Provides the engineer with practical guidance is not unduly encumbered by complicated theory
  • Shows the academic researcher the potential for real-world application of a recent branch of control theory

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