December 12, 2012

JSI colloquium of our Department member Prof. dr. Đani Juričić: Diagnostics, prognostics and e-maintenance of industrial systems

On Wednesday, December 12, 2012, our Department member Prof. Dr. Đani Juričić is presenting at Jožef Stefan Institute Lecture Hall a lecture entitled Diagnostics, prognostics and e-maintenance of industrial systems.

From the content:
No industrial equipment is 100% perfect. Wear, external influences, operational stresses or assembly errors can cause damage and ultimately failure. The consequences may be unexpected delays in production or damage to equipment. Therefore, appropriate maintenance is of utmost importance. The current situation is far from satisfactory: some estimates of direct maintenance costs in the EU are 4-8% of total sales revenues, 30-50% of this costs is due to inefficient maintenance. Operation of industrial systems could be improved with more effective predictive maintenance based on continuous control of process equipment with advanced diagnostics, prognostics and condition monitoring integrated into production information system. The rapid development of this approach relies on a new generation of MEMS sensor networks, processors and communication and information technologies. We will present some recent results in the area and their use in the industry.

Video lecture: