January 20, 2010

Diagnostic system for a new production line at Domel d.d.

On January 20, 2010, a festive ceremony was held at the Slovenian company Domel d.d. for the occasion of an official start of a new production line for electronically commutated motors. The newly developed motors of a rated power of 3 to 15kW are characterised by an extremely high efficiency and are intended for use in air conditioning systems. The production line ends with a diagnostic system for end-quality assessment of motors, which was developed by our Department.

Diagnostic system measures electrical power, currents and free running rotation speed, as well as unbalance at two points. It also checks the quality of bearings, and records the run-down behaviour of the motor when the power is switched off. If the selected diagnostic features of the tested motor comply with the preset limits, the computer registers diagnostic results and prints the motor label.

The development of a new motor and the setting up of a new production line was a very demanding investment for the Domel company. Partially it was financed by the Slovenian Technology Agency in cooperation with the Slovenian Ministry of the Economy.

Link to the Domel d.d. webpage

Foto: Anita Habjan, Domel d.d. and Bojan Musizza, IJS (click to enlarge)