June 5, 2008

Members of our Department presented the fuel cells during the visit of Slovenian President Dr. Danilo Türk in Domel d.d., Železniki

On June 6, the President of the Republic of Slovenia, dr. Danilo Türk, visited the Domel d.d. company, Železniki. The Domel Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Jožica Rejec, presented the company, while two members of our Department, Dr. Vladimir Jovan and Dr. Janko Petrovčič, presented the joint projects of Domel and our department in the field of fuel cells. They also demonstrated the operation of 7kW fuel cel aggregate. When visiting the production process, the President also saw the system for the automatic end-quality assessment of vacuum-cleaner motors, also developed at our Department.

Foto: Foto Archives Domel d.d.