October 13, 2016

The contract signed on the implementation of Factories of the Future programme - GOSTOP

"Jozef Stefan" Institute (coordinator of GOSTOP) and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport have signed an agreement on co-financing operation no. C3330-16-529000 "Building Blocks, Tools and Systems for Factories of the Future" (GOSTOP). The programme was adopted within Smart Specialization programme "RDI value chains (TRL3-6) ".

The aim of the GOSTOP is to accelerate the development of the Factories of the Future concept in Slovenia and to provide solutions to the current needs of Slovenian industry. Thirteen companies and six research organisations with compatible research and development programmes in the Factories of the Future have joined forces to advance the concept. They have identified four areas in which decisive breakthroughs can be achieved in Slovenia in the near future: control technologies, tooling, robotics, and photonics. Several value chains were identified within which new products will be developed in the near future.