October 13, 2016

The title of Professor Emeritus of the University of Nova Gorica confered upon Prof. Dr. Stanko Strmčnik

Prof. Dr. Stanko Strmčnik, researcher and former Head of Department of Systems and Control, received the Professor Emeritus of the University of Nova Gorica award for his significant contribution to the development of scientific activities and his remarkable performance as professor and mentor. The award ceremony was held at Lanthieri manor house in Vipava at the ceremonial opening of academic year 2016/2017.


Link to UNG news, Photo: Miha Godec

Dr. Stanko Strmčnik is one of the most prominent Slovenian experts in automatic system control and has a high reputation in the international professional community. Hi is known as the main creator of the idea of an integrated approach to the design of control systems. In a visionary manner, he exceeded the well-established views that considered control only as an issue of mathematical programming. Today, the broader holistic approach to the design and assembly of control systems has been widely recognised and established thanks also to Professor Stanko Strmčnik.

His bibliography is extensive and diverse. It contains 65 scientific articles, 18 technical and popular articles, 176 published conference lectures, 14 chapters in scientific monographs, etc. He is also a co-author of more than 100 expert reports and 2 patent applications. Professor Stanko Strmčnik’s works confirm his beliefs that excellent science should be able to respond to modern industrial challenges in the form of new technologies, products and services. These were also the foundations for his role as a founder and long-standing Head of Department of Systems and Control at the Jožef Stefan Institute.

Professor Stanko Strmčnik is strongly connected with the University of Nova Gorica. From 1999 until this year, he was passing his knowledge on to students of the School of Engineering and Management, as it was very important that they were in contact with top experts on the situation of the industry. He taught the course entitled Introduction to Control Systems, but his contribution significantly exceeded the level of an individual course. His thoroughness and extraordinary sense of linking theory and practice enabled Prof. Strmčnik to provide many generations of students with solid foundations for their engineering career. As a lectures and mentor, he set an example of commitment to the highest professional criteria.

Stanko Strmčnik was one of the first to develop engineering courses for the study programmes of the School of Engineering and Management, University of Nova Gorica. His long-standing contribution to the work of the Senate of the School of Engineering and Management and to the Senate of the University of Nova Gorica is particularly valuable, as his work was always cohesive and constructive.

His enthusiasm did not wear off even when he decided to pass on his teaching responsibilities to his younger colleagues. This autumn, a 450 page textbook he co-authored was published by the University of Nova Gorica. This additionally strenghthens his educational contribution.

Professor Stanko Strmčnik achieved excellent results in both research and teaching. He helped lay the foundations for the University of Nova Gorica in engineering and greatly contributed to the development of the University through his long-standing exemplary work.