SPAC20 - a coprocessor module for PLCs

SPAC20 - a coprocessor module for PLCs SPAC20 - a coprocessor module for PLCs


MITSUBISHI Electric Europe BV


2000 - 2001


The SPAC20 is a coprocessor module that makes possible the control of demanding industrial processes using standard industrial PLCs from the MITSUBISHI AnS and QnA series of modular programmable controllers.


The SPAC20 coprocessor module and the related SW package IDR BLOK transforms the standard PLC into a highly efficient system for the control and monitoring of industrial processes.


Allows the utilisation of relatively low-cost industrial controllers for the control of fast and/or problematic continuous processes, where fast sampling and extensive signal processing are often required. The SPAC20 operates as a “controller within a controller”.


The SPAC20 coprocessor has already been applied in a number of applications that demand sophisticated control, such as blow-moulding plastic extruders, energy consumption smoothing, a wire annealing machine using magneto-focused plasma, a machine for the production of rubber strips, a steel slitting machine, etc.