Diagnosis-aided control for SOFC power systems - Diamond

Vodja projekta:

prof. dr. Đani Juričić


1.4.2014 - 31.3.2017


Projekt 7. okvirnega programa EU, Področje: FCH-JU-2013-1


Objective of the DIAMOND project is to improve performance, reliability, maintenance scheduling of SOFC-CHP systems, by developing advanced monitoring models that perceive meaningful information on the actual state-of-the-health of the entire system. This will be done with a holistic view over stack and BoP components and by integrating the diagnosis and control functions.

The underlying idea is to improve the analytical capability of current diagnosis and control algorithms, which are nowadays developed for reference prototypes without accounting systematically for production non-homogeneity, drift, wear and degradation.

The analytical work and the testing activity will exploit advanced methodologies successfully applied in other advanced industrial sectors. Two SOFC systems will be considered, namely an integrated stack module (HoTbox©) and a middle-scale CHP with conventional layout. Extensive testing will be performed to validate the diagnosis and control strategies and evaluate their effectiveness in improving management actions aimed at optimizing operating conditions a nd increasing lifetime.

The outcomes of the project will guarantee an increase of the SOFC system lifetime and performance. The results of DIAMOND will consolidate several modeling approaches that are the first step towards the development of prognostics tools for SOFC lifetime estimation. At industrial level, the proposed methodologies can be scaled up as the production increases without affecting manufacturing organization and costs. A well-balanced consortium brings together a group of research institutions and industries with different experience and capabilities to apply advanced monitoring, diagnosis and control concepts to SOFC.

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